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3D Printing In Manufacturing, Education & Research 

Mass Customizationmake changes easier

Companies have provided solutions & services where customers can request to tailor made design products using 3D design tools or scanners.

Rapid Prototypingimprove efficiency

Commercial/industrial 3D printers have existed back to the early 1980's and have been used for  R&D and producing machine parts.

Rapid Manufacturingfinish products faster

Advances in materials sciences have made 3D printing ready to produce real products. Some even directly manufacture finished components

Research R & D

For schools, labs, and other research facilities, 3D printing can be very useful due to its ability to make specialized objects not available in market, as well as in producing visual concept.

FoodMake food fun

Cakes, Candy, Pizza, all these food can be printed with patterns directly from professional 3D printers with great designs, and these can be operated by a normal staff without much training.

Medical Applicationsprint medicine & accessories

A special kind of 3D printing based on fused filament fabrication (FFF) approach has been already implemented for the creation of microstructures for medical usage, and this can be life saving due to the short printing time.

Products We Carry and Support

3D Printers We Carry

Starmen Face 30

Design & made in Taiwan

Starmen SLA4535

Design & made in Taiwan


Design & made in Taiwan

Zbot M1

Bio-medical 3D Printer

Zbot F5

3D Pancake Printer

Zbot D1

3D Education Printer

Zbot FDM35 2525

Industrial level 3D Printer

Zbot FDM50 5050

Industrial level 3D Printer

Zbot D1

3D Education Printer