3D printing technologies have received much attention these few years and have improved dramatically in terms of products readiness & efficiency. Over these years, we get many customer inquiries from Singapore and nearby countries about 3D printing products supply and supports. 
Being as part of technology industry, we like to explore new and innovative products and solution, and we manage to find the right partners who are experienced in 3D printing and have offered their products and solutions to customers in this region.
wGrow Technologies Pte Ltd has discussed with the partners, and will support and maintain the products, together with consumables, for customers in this region.

About wGrow Technologies

Founded on 2008, wGrow has been providing software developments and technology consulting services to customers based in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Indonesia. 
wGrow's many years' technical knowledge and experiences in providing services to customers ranging from property developments, finance, banking, medical service, as well as manufacturing lines. Over the past few years, wGrow has received many inquiries related to 3D Printing, thus have started this new department to expand the business services into 3D printing industry.
And with the many years experiences, we believe we can provide great services to our customers with 3D printing needs.



Ministry Medical Group Pte Ltd


P&G Singapore Innovation Center (SgIC)


Shell Singapore


Shimizu Corporation Singapore


Akzo Nobel Singapore


Becton Dickinson Singapore


GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals


Agency for Science, Technology and Research