Zbot FDM35 2525

Industrial level 3D Printer


Product Specifications

Product Model
ZBOT Industrial Level FDM-46-3535
3D Printing; Prototype; Architecture; Production
Printing Size
350X350X460mm; 622X602X871mm (Machine);
Printing Material
Nozzle Diameter
±0.1~±0.4mm Adjustable
Nozzle Moving Speed
25--200mm/s adjustable
Nozzle Temperature
180℃ ~ 250℃
USB and SD Card
Supported File Format
Place of Origin
Guangzhou, China
Computer System
Color & Page
Single Color
Nozzle Lifespan
6 to 12 months
Hot Plate
12 to 24 months
45 Kg

ZBOT Industrial Level FDM-35-2525

EU Standards: Certification by international testing organizations SGS of EMC CE FCC to ensure product quality stability and security;

International Awards: CDA won the 2012 China Design Supreme Award (Cotton Tree Award);

Patented 3D Printers: 3D core Yi products have a number of patented technologies;

Branded Manufacturer: Government focus on supporting the industry in brand products, high-quality trustworthy.

Quality Assurance: Expert design, scientific production processes, products long aging process sequence, stable product safe and secure;

Sale Protection: specialized after-sales tracking service training and guidance;

Bounded Solution: Rich 3D printing solutions experience. To provide a sound Service;


Printing Process

  • Idea Construction:
  • Build designs with 3D design software (RHINO3D, PROE, 3DMax, AutoCAD, UG, SOLIDWORK, etc);
  • Export designs into STL format;
  • Create G Code files with Use ZBot's slicing tool;
  • Import G Code files into 3D Printers' Software, and start printing;
  • Remove the completed printed models from printer;
  • Get rid of supporting accessories, fine tuning, coloring;


Printing Samples

About The Manufacturer

ZBOT 3D printer has been developed by Guangzhou WangNeng Design Co. LTD, which was founded  in 2000 and located in Guangzhou science park. ZBOT is one of the key enterprises fostered by local government and recognized as leading the Guangzhou 3D printing industry. With more than 15 years R&D experience, ZBOT 3D printers have gained many national patents and won the CDA-2012 China Design Award.

ZBOT has produced five series of 3D printers from large scale industrial, desktop, IOT, food grade and a biology medical 3D printer. ZBOT has developed high performance 3D printing filament, and the world’s first full color automatic 3D body scanner and mobile scanner. ZBOT products have been sold to more than 40 countries around the world and many thousands of enterprises. 

"The ZBOT 3D printers" are well recognized by both domestic and foreign customers and to meet the growing market demand, Guangzhou Wangneng Product Design Co Ltd has established a professional large-scale production factory with annual output of 10000 units, to meet the arrival of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

ZBOT strong design ability and board experience can help customers solve all kinds of printing problems, together with sale service and support.

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