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3D Modeling
Building 3D Models. Reverse engineer existing objects.
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Print prototypes with PLA, ABS, HIPS, etc.
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High Resolution printing with Photosensitive Resin
3D Modeling Service

3D Modeling Service

We offer services to help industrial customers on following type of modeling services:

  • Editing existing models with improvements;
  • Enhance designs suitable for productions & prints;
  • Reverse engineer of existing products or parts to produce computer models;
  • Support various existing 3D Software;

We provide source files together our delivery so that you can perform further enhancements.

How the process works?

  1. We need 5 to 6 photos of the target objects, or some screen shots if you have in soft-copy;

    From different angles;
  2. We need the basic dimensions (X*Y*Z in mm), but dont have to be very accurate for now;
  3. Let us know the materials used, if you know what that is;
  4. We will perform a basic evaluation, and quote for a costing and schedule;
  5. Then we need the real objects or original files to proceed our work;

    Depends on the situation, we may request to meet customer during the process;